Fish Jug Dark Blue


Ceramic Fish Shaped Jug, made to a traditional design dating from the 1870s it also makes a unique gurgling sound when liquid is poured out of it. 

Can be used as a Jug, Pitcher, Vase or to keep your kitchen utensils or artists paint brushes in.

The company that designs and produces these jugs utilizes waste heat from kilns to dry out products. Waste water is recycled through an effluent treatment plant, reused to clean machinery, and excess clay is salvaged and any broken product, biscuit or glaze is ground to dust by a local manufacturer to be remade into tiles.

Size :  1.3L  26.5cm x 18.5cm  Approx 

Material  :  Ceramic

Note : This item can be occasionally washed in the dishwasher, but washing by hand is most recommended.

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