About us

At House of Dotcity we believe everyone is unique

" You're more than just a dot in the city"

House of Dotcity started in 2012 when we, Verena and Pete had the idea to design and make cotton tote bags printed with dot to dot drawings of some of the iconic images of the city of Berlin, the bags come with a textile marker so people can join the dots on the bags to reveal the images, they were a great success and have been sold all over the world, we named the company Dotcity this then led us to design and produce tea towels and hand made soaps in printed cotton bags.

It was when we were looking for a workshop space that Verena stumbled upon an old seamstress shop in Kreuzberg Berlin that was closing down, the place hadn't been touched for over 27 years and needed a lot of work, it was while renovating we discovered that the floor and walls were covered with 120 year old tiles, we then decided to open a store and to stock the products we really love, we called the store House of Dotcity.

The idea of starting an online store came because we had so many people coming to Berlin and visiting our store, a lot only had hand luggage so couldn't always carry things back home so they would email us about sending products to them.

We stock well designed and functional products even if sometimes the beauty is the function, sustainable and fairtrade products, items from designers around Europe, local artists and designers, and products we design and produce here.

We run our online store from our physical store located in Graefestr in the heart of Kreuzberg Berlin.

If you're in Berlin come and visit us at

House of Dotcity 


10967 Berlin

Tel : 0049 (0)30 69567156

Email : info@dot-city.com

Opening hours :

11.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday

* Tuesdays unregular opening hours *

11.00am to 6.00pm Saturday


Or if you have any questions or queries please contact us at :

Email : info@dot-city.com

Tel : 0049 (0)30 69567156